How is Wasanbon different from ordinary sugar? I often get such a question.
This time, I will introduce a little together so that it is easy to understand.


Types that can be divided depending on the sugar production process

Sugar is divided into "split sugar" and "honey -containing" depending on the process of sugar.
Sobyose sugar refers to granulated sugar and white sugar.

Most of the characteristics of honey sugar are made of sucrose, and minerals cannot be expected.

Hystigemic sugar refers to brown sugar and Japanese bon sugar. The feature of honey -sugar is rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The impurities such as the minerals will make you feel sweet and bitter.

Sugar can be classified into these two types, and Wasanbon is contained in "honey -sugar".


Wasanbon Sugar made by hand work

The sugar cane juice, which is the raw material of sugar, is mixed with various ingredients, including minerals, and has a complicated taste. Therefore, by performing purification and removing impurities, high purity sugar is completed.

However, some impurities contain a lot of minerals, so if they are completely purified, the minerals that are included are also excluded.

Wasanbon sugar is also purified to adjust the taste. However, because it is done by hand, refining is not possible, and it is a sugar with a good taste containing minerals.

In addition, since the ax is carefully removed at the boiling stage, the molasses removed at the time of purification are also finished in a good taste.



Did you understand the difference between "honey -containing" and "breeding sugar"?

The identity of the unique flavor of Wasanbon is that in addition to sugarcane varieties, "honey" seems to be a keyword.
The method and ingenuity of refining (sharpening and pressing boats) differ depending on the sugar making place, so it is convinced that the taste of Wasanbon is completely different.


Weather Wasanbon Creation

This pageSo, we explain what we value in making things with Wasanbon and the production process.


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