Toshima Lemon

The harvest of lemon has begun

TIL, a lemon farmer, arrived this season.
Lemon grown cultivated in Toshima, Kagawa Prefecture without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers can be raised in a hassle, so the yield is low.

The juice is processed into powder and the skin is processed into a peel and used for dried confectionery so that precious lemon is wasted as much as possible.

Lemon harvest is from November to March.
At this time, we will prepare a one -year lemon peel.

Lemon peel


Flavor that changes depending on your own harvest time

The taste of dried sweets differs slightly depending on the harvest time of the lemon.

The peel at this time, where green lemon is mixed, has a refreshing, spicy fragrance and sourness.
The scent is very rich.

Toshima Lemon

While protecting the natural environment on this islandFrom now on, we will continue to connect Toshima Lemon to the future.

And to share the blessings together.

We would be happy if we could help.

German Sambong

I think you can deliver this season's seagull this season around December.

looking forward to!

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