About HIYORI factory

Wasanbon on a slightly good day.

In a small workshop in Takamatsu, we are producing products while sharing ideas every day so that we want to make Wasanbon feel more familiar. Imagine the excitement of giving and the smile when the box is opened, and I will make dried sweets today.
Every day is a little nice day. We will deliver Wasanbon, which has a warmth unique to handmade.

We make the sugar cubes diligently every day while imagining the exciting feelings when you present the sugar cubes to someone and the smiles you will recieve when people open the candy boxes.To make your daily life better, we provide Wasambon Japanese sugar cubes through traditional wooden MOLDS MADE by Hand So the Can Remain Their Heartworkming Atmosphere.


Products at the HIYORI factory


Wasanbon on a slightly good day.
All the dried sweets at the sunrise production office are made from hand -carved confectionery wood and hand -made Wasanbon sugar. With a gentle sweetness and elegant taste, it is unique to Wasanbon that it melts lightly when it is included in the mouth. In any scene, I can snuggle up to any drink.

+ H

The usual HIYORI is a special gift.
We asked the creators in various places to make craft miscellaneous goods that color every day. "H" engraved with each technique is lovable because it is slightly different. For that important person or a gift for yourself. We will deliver what you want to keep using carefully in the future.



Original Order

We will produce one World Bon in the world that focuses on the original from wood -shaped design to flavors, such as souvenirs, novelty, and original products. We also recommend a limited Wasanbon, which simply changes the combination of Wasanbon, color and flavor.


Choose your favorite design from the original wooden type and make your own Wasanbon dried confectionery set. There are two venues: Takamatsu and Osaka. You can enjoy several kinds of Wasanbon with colorful flavors.