The dried sweets of seagullsambon use a wooden type that mixes lemon juice and gives a crisp texture, so that it can be removed thinly to the last minute.

A wooden shape with a finish that makes you feel a smooth curve even in a thin shape.
It is a form that has been tried and errored many times and reached.
Wasanbon with plenty of fruit juice, which was difficult, will be a crisp and new dried confectionery by using a thin wooden shape.


Wasanbon, which uses Toshima Lemon, which values ​​the environment of the island, designs a package that focuses on printing methods and colors that can be recycled.

In the series "that paper, this paper" that introduces Production examples using Takeo's fine paperWe introduced the package of the seagullsumbon.

For more information, please see "That paper, this paper".

Sanuki's Wasanbon feels the blessings of nature.
We will deliver from Setouchi.

2022 ⁄ 09 ⁄ 27