Light Moraces (Raw sugar)

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This Light Molasses is made from sugarcane grown in the Setouchi area and slowly boiled over firedwood in a sugar factory deep in the mountains.Because it is the condition of the sugar solution just before turned into raw sugar,it has a light flavor and contains the ingredients of sugarcane (minerals,iron and B vitamins).

Hiyori News Letter | Knowledge about Wasanbon

size Exterior: 9.5cm x 14.5cm x 4cm
Internal capacity 175g
Raw materials Sugarcane (from Ehime Prefecture)
expiry date 3 months or more
Preservation method
Please keep it in a cool and dark place.Sugar in Morace may crystal, but there is no effect on quality. Please use the crystal as a sugar.

◯ How to enjoy and use
・It can be used as a substitute for honey.Lighter taste than honey.
・With lemon,Molasses and sparkling water,it can be a natural lemon squash.