Wasanbon is delicious even though it is sugar. With a gentle taste, it melts in your mouth and quickly disappears. Why does it taste like that?
The answer can be seen by tracing until the Wasanbon is formed.

Today, I will study from sugarcane, which is the raw material.

Wasanbon is a luxury sugar that has been created since the Edo period in the eastern part of Shikoku (Kagawa Prefecture, Tokushima Prefecture).
The sugarcane, which is the raw material, is grown in the warm climate of Shikoku. It is made using only special varieties of sugar cane, which is different from Okinawa and foreign sugarcane.

Sugar cane field

It is a smaller sugar cane, which is thinner than general sugar cane and is about 2m tall.
Because of its thinness, the locals call it "Hosokibi".

Sugar is made by boiling down the sugarcane juice. As a result, thicker sugar cane can produce more sugar from around one.

Squeezed juice

"Hosokibi" has a small amount of squeezed from one bottle, and is very inefficient for sugar production. Nevertheless, we are particular about this "Hosokibi" because it is not possible to make delicious Wasanbon sugar unless it is "Hosokibi".

In such a placeThe commitment of Wasanbon was hidden.

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