A bakery "Bakery Heidi" in Shirai City, Chiba Prefecture.

"There is a very delicious bakery"

I was told so, and it was the beginning of the encounter that I used Morace with the sample.

 I had you make bread using Moracez, but the popular "Wasanbon Stollen" was completed every year after contacting Stollen to use it.

The richness of Moraces is firmly coming out and the taste of the dried fruits is enhanced.

I was impressed by the very delicious Stollen.


Wasanbon Moraces

Wasanbon Moraces is a molder that can be made in the process of making Wasanbon sugar.

By squeezing the precious sugarcane for Wasanbon called "Hosokibi", and carefully removing the ax by hand from there, you can create a gentle and unusual taste.

Wasanbon and molasses


 In Wasanbon Moraces, it is not the leading role itself, but gives you a deeper taste, gives you a depth, and enhances other things.

Such usage is perfect.


Until Wasanbon Stollen is formed

Stollen preparation begins in summer.

Pears, apples, apple, cranberries, raisins, mango, figs, orange in Shirai City.

A total of eight kinds of dried fruits are soaked in Western sake.

Dried fruits preparation

If the dried fruits and Western sake are familiar, it will be mixed. If you get used to it, mix.

It seems that this is repeated until winter.
 Wasanbon Stollen

Wasanbon Stollen

 It may be the best seasoning that creates excitement when you put it in your mouth.

Stollen starts cutting from the middle and can be delicious by cutting about 1cm.

When storing, attach the cut and cut and wrap it firmly to prevent drying.

Wasanbon Stollen

For one month, the taste deepens and you can enjoy it more.


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