Tenugui handkerchief setouchi-night

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Imagined the calm wave of Setouchi, the sun A handkerchief dyed by Awa Ai. The chic atmosphere is the color inspired by Setouchi at night.You can enjoy aging between wrapping and as usual handkerchiefs.

The different color "setouchi-day" isHere

We asked the creators in various places to make craft miscellaneous goods that color every day. "H" engraved with each technique is lovable because it is slightly different. For that important person or a gift for yourself. We will deliver what you want to keep using carefully in the future.

* PLUS H card is attached to the product.



36cm x 36cm


100 % cotton

Product handling method The indigo dyeing products are removed as much as possible after dyeing and natural colors, but they may be transferred due to some discoloration and intense rubbing during use. After purchasing, it is recommended that you gently wash with white items and neutral detergents with an appropriate amount of hot water. Use the detergent used without fluorescence or bleach as much as possible. Brown -colored pigments may appear at the time of washing, but this is an indigo dye -specific ingredient, and as the laundry is repeated, the acting will come off, and the vivid colors peculiar to natural indigo denus will increase. Ack reacts to ultraviolet rays such as sunlight and may discolor. Store in avoiding ultraviolet rays.


Awa Aii noBeautiful color
We produce a gentle wave in Setouchi and the sun, and dye it with Awa Ai after glue. If the number of times to be dyed is small, it will be thinner, and the darker the color will become darker.

Watanabeʼs /Watanabes
A brand by Kenta Watanabe, Ai Master / Den.Based in Kamifu -cho, Tokushima Prefecture, known as Awa Ai, it is made consistently of growing indigo cultivation, dyeing, dyeing, and dyeing, and production. The indigo color created using the Japanese traditional technique '' natural lye fermentation -building '' is based on the dwarf that is made by drying and fermenting the leaves of the plants called Tate Ai. It has a characteristic that it is difficult to transfer. While retaining the good old Japanese tradition, he will work widely in Japan and overseas to convey indigo with new axis.