Takaramono (petit order/selectable)

tax included

Choice of birthstone color.
You can choose the color and shape of each of the two types of birthstone.How about a petit order for the couple's birthstone?Recommended for small bridal gifts or sets.

Please select the color (birthstone color) and shape (diamond or square) and fill it in the remarks column in the cart.
【Entry example】
June (Moonstone)/Square
December (Lapis Lazuri)/Diamond

※Please order more than one month before the desired delivery date.
※Minimum order of 50 sets.

Exterior: 5cm x 5cm x 1cm
Internal capacity 2 pieces
Raw materials
Wasanbon Sugar: Japan (Kagawa Prefecture)
expiry date 6 months or more
Preservation method Please avoid high -temperature and humid places.
Please enjoy as soon as possible after opening.

Purchase Wasanbon (single item) with wrapping
Petit gift wrapping (samll bag)
Petit gift wrapping(Koyori)

Wasanbon on a slightly good day
At HIYORI FACTORY,all products;Higashi(Japanese dried sweets) are made from hand-carved wooden molds and hand-made Wasanbon sugar.It has a gentle sweetness and elegant taste, and melts lightly in your mouth, which is only possible with Wasanbon sugar.To make your daily life better.It is a perfect accompaniment to any occasion and any beverage.