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I want you to enjoy Wasanbon Stollen, which is popular in winter, in summer! Wasanbon Summer Stollen was born from such a thought.
Plenty of lemon, mango, papaya, and pineapple are added to the dough, and Teshima lemon powder and Wasanbon are sprinkled around to create a refreshing flavor that is perfect for summer.
As a secret ingredient, Wasanbon molasses (the honey that comes out when making Wasanbon) is kneaded into the dough, and craft gin from Setouchi is used as the western liquor.
Make summer snack time a special time with your favorite drink.

◯How to serve
Slice it to your desired size (recommended is about 1-1.5cm) and enjoy it chilled. Summer Stollen with refreshing lemon and plenty of summer fruits. It goes great with tea or iced coffee.

◯ About wrapping
*We will send it with ribbon wrapping. (Ribbon color is gold)
* If you are using a handbag, please order a samll bag or paper bag.

Approximately 18cm x 8cm x 5cm (about 350g)
Internal capacity 1
raw materials Wheat flour (from Hokkaido), butter (from Hokkaido), lemon, mango, papaya, pineapple, milk, wasanbon sugar, egg, wasanbon molasses, Western liquor (craft gin Setouchi), yeast, salt, Teshima lemon powder
Expiration date and delivery method

After completion, we will send the stollen that is stored frozen by chilled flight (refrigerated).
The expiration date is 2 weeks from the date of shipment, so please store at 10℃ or less upon arrival and consume within the expiration date.

* Customers who wish to ship frozen
In the case of frozen shipment, the expiration date of frozen storage can be about 1 month to 1.5 months (2 weeks after thawing at 10℃ or less).
If you wish to have the product shipped frozen, we can accommodate this if you pay the "product fee" + "Frozen cool delivery service by Yamato Transport (from Kagawa Prefecture to the delivery location)". Please contact us before purchasing.

About bundled delivery with other products

*Customers who order other products together with Summer Stollen
Please note that if you order both "normal temperature delivery products" and "cool delivery products (refrigerated/frozen)" at the same time, they will be packed in one box and delivered in a low temperature range.

Items shipped at room temperature together with Cool Delivery items may contain moisture in the wrapping paper, hanging paper, and handbags, and may wrinkle. Also, when thawing products delivered by room temperature, condensation may occur due to temperature changes.

In order to minimize this effect, we plan to send normal temperature products in a cold/thermal bag that protects them from the outside temperature, but please be aware that the above conditions may occur before ordering. I am happy.

As a way to avoid this kind of impact, we recommend that you place separate orders for refrigerated delivery items and room temperature delivery items.
・Add only cool delivery items to the cart and complete the order.
・Add only normal temperature delivery products to the cart and complete the order.

Shipping charges will be applied to each order, but if you would like to be unaffected by shipping, please place your order as above.