| Seasonal | Summer Gifts (Wasanbon Biyori (Summer) & Tenugui handkerchief

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A set of the seasonal Wasanbon “Wasanbon Biyori (Summer)” and a Tenugui handkerchief dyed with Awa indigo. This refreshing gift set is recommended for summer souvenirs or gifts.

*Choose from two colors of Tenugui handkerchief: the chic setouchi-night, which represents the Setouchi area at night, or the fresh setouchi-day, which represents the Setouchi area during the daytime.

*We will deliver Wasanbon wrapped in this Tenugui handkerchief.
Please note that wrapping paper and ribbon wrapping are not available.
*If you would like to order a handbag, please order separately.

【 Wasanbon / Wasanbon Biyori (Summer) 】
Collecting shells reminds me of the beach in summer.You can't wait to see what kind of shells you will receive!The summery Wasanbon, with its refreshing blue sky, is a rare gingerale flavor.Enjoy a refreshing summer with a cold drink.

Collecting shells : Plain
Pine : Plain & Hojicha (roasted green tea)
Sky in the Pond : Gingerale

size Exterior: 19cm x 21cm x 2cm
Internal capacity Single items: 3
Raw materials asanbon sugar: Japan (Kagawa prefecture, Tokushima prefecture), green tea: Japan, ginger powder: Kochi prefecture
expiry date 3 months or more
Preservation method Please avoid direct sunlight and hot and humid places.
Please enjoy as soon as possible after opening.

*All HIYORI's original box are made of recycled paper.
Please note that there may be small spots.

【 Tenugui handkerchief 】

A tenugui handkerchief dyed with Awa indigo,inspired by the calm waves and the sun of the Setouchi. You can enjoy its change of the color over the years both as a wrapping and as an daily handkerchief.


36cm x 36cm


100 % cotton

Product handling method This indigo dyeing product has undergone as much harshness and natural color fixing as possible after dyeing, but the color may fade slightly or transfer due to intense rubbing during use. For the first 2 or 3 washes after purchase, we recommend that you separate it from white clothes and gently wash it in hot water of about 40°C with an appropriate amount of neutral detergent. Please use detergents that do not contain fluorescent brighteners or bleaches as much as possible. A brownish-yellow pigment may come out when washing, but this is a unique ingredient of indigo dyeing, and the harshness will disappear with repeated washings, and the vivid color unique to natural indigo dyeing will increase. It may change color by reacting to UV rays such as sunlight. Store away from UV rays.

◯ Beautiful colors of Awa indigo
The patterned paper is created in the image of the calm waves and the sun of Setouchi, and after applying glue,it is dyed with Awa indigo.If the number of times to be dyed is less,it will be lighter color,and the color darkens as it is layered.

◯ Watanabeʼs
A brand by Kenta Watanabe,an indigo artist and dyer. Based in Kamiita-cho,Tokushima Prefecture,known as Awa Ai indigo,the company engages in the entire process of indigo cultivation,dye-making (Sukumo),dyeing and production. The indigo color is created using a traditional Japanese technique, "天然灰汁発酵建て(natural lye fermentation technique)" is based on dye-making (Sukumo) that is made by drying and fermenting the leaves of the plants called "Tade Ai". It has beautiful deep,brilliant colors and difficult to color shift.While preserving the good old Japanese tradition,he will work widely in Japan and overseas to convey indigo with new perspective.