Bean dish & cold tea glass TESHIMA-SPRING

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A set of brass bean dishes and air -blown cold tea glass.
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The different color "Teshima-lemmon" isHere


We asked the creators in various places to make craft miscellaneous goods that color every day."H" engraved with each technique is lovable because it is slightly different.
We will deliver what you want to keep using carefully in the future.

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[Cold tea glass / teshima-spring
Toshima is a small island in Setouchi, where lemon used for gammers is used. A cold tea glass inspired by the spring water of Toshima that moisturizes the island.


φ7cm x H7cm



Product handling method This product is not "heat -resistant glass". Please do not use in a situation where the temperature changes rapidly, such as using a microwave or a dishwasher or pouring boiling water. If you are worried about dirt, you can clean it with a neutral detergent and a soft sponge.

◯ Shaping by air blowing
With two teamsI will make a shape by hand one by one.A glass that loves some individual differences in the elaborate shaping. Please enjoy the encounter at that time.

◯ Fresco / Fresco
Glass crafts workshop fresco in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture. Under the theme of "both the" reliability "of the brand and the" originality "of handmade", we create glass vessels that are closely related to living. What FRESCO values ​​is the relationship between the people who have passed the vessel. We think that people choose a vessel as an expression, and we propose a rich living with beautiful glass vessels with the idea that people use vessels in their lives to complete the expression by collaboration with the user. I am.

[Bean dish /Water sun
A brass bean dish made from the image of the sun reflected on the waterside.


φ7cm x H1cm



Product handling method Wash with a dishwashing detergent, wipe it with a cloth, and remove water. If you use it carefully, the oxide film will be evenly applied. If you leave it without washing, leave it in food, or leave it for a long time, it will be easy to get darkened or green blue, so be careful at first. If you are worried about darkening or green blue, polishing with a mixture of salt and vinegar or a detergent containing an abrasive will result in the original gloss. If the dirt is hard to remove, put it on a thin vinegar overnight and then polish it.

◯ Material that tastes as you use it
Brass is a material that changes to a calm color as you use it. The work, which is made by hand, has an expression on each one.