Petit gift wrapping drawstring

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How about HIYORI's Wasanbon in a wedding gift? It is a set of Wasanbon and wrapping.Includes explanation of HIYORI Wasanbon with English.

Please order the desired quantity and inform you of the type of Wasanbon in the remarks column in the cart. You can choose the type from the following.

・ Seagull: Plain
・ Rose: Plain / Sudachi
・ Sun: Setouchi lemon
・ Ume: Plain
・ Matsu: Plain / Hojicha
・ Sakura bloom: Sakura
・ Hakizato: Plain (Sanuki Wasanbon & Awawa Sanbon)
・ Guitar and beans: Plain / Mocha
·record:Spice cacao
Madness: Plain (We will start manufacturing from your order. It is required for about one month to manufacture. We will accept orders from 50 sets.)

・ Other seasonal products

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Rose sale (single item)

* If the number is large, inventory may not be available, so please consult as soon as possible.
* If the wooden type is produced by the original, the original shape of the Japanese tray can be manufactured. It takes about one month to produce a wooden type and about one month to produce Wasanbon. Please contact us for more information.
If you would like to consultContactPlease contact us more.


size Exterior: 8cm x 9cm
Internal capacity 1 rose sale
expiry date More than one month
Preservation method Please avoid high -temperature and humid places.
Please enjoy as soon as possible after opening.


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◯ Wasanbon on a slightly good day
All the dried sweets at the sunrise production office are made from hand -carved confectionery wood and hand -made Wasanbon sugar. With a gentle sweetness and an elegant taste, in the mouthIt is unique to Wasanbon sugar that melts lightly when included. Every day is a little nice day. In any scene, I can snuggle up to any drink.