Mame-sara (small dish) WATER SUN

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A brass small dish made by leaving a beaten mark in the image of the sun reflecting on the waterside.
On the back side,PLUS H brand with "h" engraved.Please enjoy the unique handmade taste of each item carefully crafted one by one.

We asked the creators in various regions to create craft items to add color to daily life.「h」engraved with each technique is lovely because it's slightly different. As a gift for special or for yourself.We will deliver craft items that you want to continue to use with care in the future.
※With 「PLUS H」card


φ7cm x H1cm



Product handling method Wash with a dishwashing detergent, wipe it with a cloth, and remove water. If you use it carefully, the oxide film will be evenly applied. If you leave it without washing, leave it in food, or leave it for a long time, it will be easy to get darkened or green blue, so be careful at first. If you are worried about darkening or green blue, polishing with a mixture of salt and vinegar or a detergent containing an abrasive will result in the original gloss. If the dirt is hard to remove, put it on a thin vinegar overnight and then polish it.

◯ A material that gets better the more you use Brass is a material that changes its color as you use.Each piece has its own expression,created by hand by tapping and cutting.