Kamome Sanbon Mobile (wall ornaments)

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Kamome Sanbon has become a mobile.
Hang it to a place where the wind flows gently and enjoy the mobile spin.Recommended as a gift for birth celebrations.

size Exterior: W26.5cm x H36.5cm
Internal capacity 1
(GA Bagus-FS Sugar, NT Rasha Yellow)

◯ Gift set with Kamome Sanbon is also recommended
German Sambong Gift Set

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Ribbon wrapping Only 

◯ Mobile made of Japan
Paper wall ornaments made with "Manu Mobiles".Cut paper is pasted one by one by hand to prevent misalignment.The seagulls and clouds are made from "Sugar‐cane Bagasse".Since the ink is not on the surface during printing, the texture of the paper is not impaired.It soften the viewer's hearts.

Manu Mobiles
"Manu Mobiles" has recreated a interior of Mobile born in Scandinavia from the Japanese perspective.By eliminating the sticks, which are common in Scandinavian models,create a sense of story by making everything the motif.Since it is made of only paper and thread,it captures the natural wind and turns around.Does not use electricity,so it has become increasingly popular as an eco -goods in recent years.