Paper Mache Lighthouse

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The HIYORI original "Lighthouse" lidded container gives you a sense of the scenery of the Seto Inland Sea, and its design fits in well with modern rooms.
Each piece is handcrafted using handmade washi paper from ancient documents and other sources, and its warm, soft form makes you fall in love with it just by looking at it.

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We asked crafters from all over Japan to create craft items to brighten up your daily life. The "h" engraved with each technique is slightly different, so it's lovable. We deliver products that you will want to use and cherish for a long time to come.

Size Approx. φ6.5cm x H12.5cm
Japanese paper
Product handling method
Please be careful not to touch the paper mache with wet hands.

◯About Mitoyo Paper Mache
Paper tigers have been made at a paper mache workshop in Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture since 1897, and were designated as a traditional craft of Kagawa Prefecture in 1986. They are made by hand, with careful consideration given to the materials and techniques used, with the aim of "making tigers that are durable and can be loved for a long time."
They have long been used as decorations for Boys' Festival and Hassaku Festival, in hopes of children's healthy growth. They are popular as local toys, birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, and lucky charms for business prosperity.

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