Hakobon create Wasanbon in a box (Takamatsu Bonsai and Wasanbon)

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Takamatsu Bonsai and Sanuki Wasanbon has met and become Japanese dried sweets.
We create "Hakobon" in a box by yourserf.This is a set of Wasanbon in a box inspired by a bonsai pot.You can freely arrange each Wasanbon on kaishi paper with a bonsai pattern.

Exterior: 10cm x10cm x 7cm
Internal capacity 11 pieces
Raw materials Wasanbon Sugar: Japan (Kagawa Prefecture)
expiry date 3 months or more
Preservation method Please avoid high -temperature and humid places.
Please enjoy as soon as possible after opening.

Won the Grand Prize in the Bonsai New Product Contest
This product was created by sharing ideas with everyone involved in this product with the desire to know more about Takamatsu Bonsai and enjoy Japanese culture.We hope to continue to offer this product to everyone in the future in the hope that it will become a new souvenir that symbolizes Takamatsu Bonsai.