A box tray tailoring Wasanbon (Takamatsu Bonsai and Wasanbon)

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Takamatsu Bonsai and Sanuki Wasanbon met and became a dried confection.
Wasanbon "Bon Bon" to be tailored. This is a Wasanbon set in a package inspired by a bonsai pot. Free on the paper with a bonsai pattern
You can enjoy dried sweets side by side.


size Exterior: 10CM x10CM x 7cm
Internal capacity 11
Raw materials Wasanbon Sugar: Japan (Kagawa Prefecture)
expiry date More than one month
Preservation method Please avoid high -temperature and humid places.
Please enjoy as soon as possible after opening.


Bonsai New Product Contest Best Award
It is a product made by sharing ideas with everyone involved in this product with the desire to know more about Takamatsu Bonsai and enjoy Japanese culture. I hope that it will be a new souvenir that symbolizes "Takamatsu Bonsai", so we can continue to deliver it to everyone.