Craft tea Takase Sencha x Taiwanese Kikuhana

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I want to drink tea that matches Wasanbon.
It is a craft tea made with such a feeling that the elegant sweetness stands out, the flavor increases. We also recommend gifts as a set with Wasanbon.

Takase Sencha x Taiwanese Kikuhana
A blend tea with a set of Sencha in Takase in Kagawa Prefecture and chrysanthemums from Taiwan."Pile Shirakikuhana", which is organically grown in Taiwan's only production area, Gong Gong -Gong -Gong -mura, Taiwan, is organically grown.Kikuhana has a tired eye and relaxing effect,It is also popular as a Chinese medicine.With a chamomile -like taste, you can enjoy the flower opening slowly.


size Exterior: 10cm x 12cm x 1cm
Internal capacity 2 sets
Raw materials Sencha (from Takase, Kagawa Prefecture), Kikuhana Dry Flower (from Taiwan)
expiry date More than one month
Preservation method Please keep it in a place with less moisture


◯ How to brew Sencha
Put three dried flowers in the cup, pour 90 ° C hot water (about 150 cc), add tea bags and extract for 90 seconds when the flowers are opened. You can drink it deliciously even if it is cooled in summer.


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◯ Gift set with Wa Sanbon is also recommended
Craft tea gift set