| Seasonal | Craft tea gift set (Mother's Day)

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This gift box includes Mother's Day limited Wasanbon and 2 types of tea bag type tea.Carnation is a fruit flavor mixed with cranberries.Rose is made with sudachi from Tokushima Prefecture.Citrus fruits and Wasanbon go perfectly together.The pink part of Ichigo Daifuku is made with strawberries, and the other parts are flavored with azuki beans, giving it a Japanese taste.
We select sencha and Japanese tea that go well with Wasanbon.Tea with dried fruits and dried flowers creates a tea time that is also a feast for the eyes.To the mothers who work hard every day.May it be a wonderful Mother's Day gift.

Wasanbon Biyori (Mother's Day)
Rose:Plain & Sudachi
Ichigo Daifuku:Strawberry and Bean Paste (Azuki/Red Bean)

Takase sencha x Taiwanese chrysanthemum
A blend tea of sencha from Takase in Kagawa Prefecture and chrysanthemum flowers from Taiwan.「杭白菊花」 organically grown in Kuhu Village,Tongluo Township,Miaoli the only production area in Taiwan.Chrysanthemum flowers are popular as a chinese herbal medicine for tired eyes and relaxation.It tastes like chamomile and you can enjoy the slow opening of the flowers.

Takase Japanese Tea x Ehime Satsuma orange
Japanese tea (Benicha) from Takase in Kagawa Prefecture and Satsuma orange chips from Iwakijima in Ehime Prefecture.The flavor of satsuma orange slowly seeps out.

Exterior: 19cm x 21cm x 2cm
Internal capacity

Single items: 3
Tea bags: 2 sets x 2 types

Raw materials
Wasanbon sugar: Japan (Kagawa and Tokushima prefectures), Cranberry juice powder: Chili, Sudachi powder: Tokushima, Strawberry juice powder: Japan, Organic adzuki bean powder: Japan, Black tea (from Takase, Kagawa prefecture), Wenzhou mandarin orange dried fruit (Ehime) Iwakijima, Kagawa Prefecture), Sencha (Takase, Kagawa Prefecture), Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers (Taiwan)
expiry date 3 months or more
Preservation method Please avoid high -temperature and humid places.
Please enjoy as soon as possible after opening.

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All HIYORI's original box are made of recycled paper.
Please note that there may be small spots.

◯ Wasanbon on a slightly good day
At HIYORI FACTORY,all products;Higashi(Japanese dried sweets) are made from hand-carved wooden molds and hand-made Wasanbon sugar.It has a gentle sweetness and elegant taste, and melts lightly in your mouth, which is only possible with Wasanbon sugar.To make your daily life better.It is a perfect accompaniment to any occasion and any beverage.