BonBon box

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A Sanuki lacquered BonBon box for keeping sweets or as a small lunch box.The lid can be used as a plate so that two people can eat together.With Awa-ai(Awa-indigo) Tenugui handkerchief "setouchi-night ".If you would like a different color"setouchi-day", please fill in the remarks column in the cart.

We asked the creators in various regions to create craft items to add color to daily life.「h」 engraved with each technique is lovely because it's slightly different. As a gift for special or for yourself.We will deliver craft items that you want to continue to use with care in the future.
* With「PLUS H」card

BonBon box/ Blue Hole
Sanuki lacquered BonBon box looks like a "blue hole" in the ocean.


φ12cm x 6cm



Product handling method

Use of neutral detergent and sponge for kitchen. Wash various dirt such as hand oil cleanly with water or lukewarm water. Then wipe the surface with a soft cotton cloth. Avoid microwave ovens and dishwashing dryers. Lacquer deteriorates quickly. To remove the smell, leave it in a well -ventilated shade for a while and dry it naturally. If you are in a hurry, put it in the rice Nuka for a few days. Please note that it has the property of discoloration when it hits sunlight.

〇 Deep indigo color carefully polished and layered
Goto-lacquer,which is usually vermilion-lacquered,specially made in indigo colorfor for us.The process of polishing and applying lacquer is repeated many times to achieve a deep finish.It looks blackish when it is freshly made,but it is fun to see how the indigo color becomes more vivid little by little as it is exposed to light and air.

〇 Sanuki lacquer ware called Goto-lacquer
One of the representative techniques of Sanuki lacquerware,which is certified as a national traditional craft and an important craft of Kagawa Prefecture.In 1869,Taihei Goto was founded.Characterized by a sober color created by layering top-lacquer on vermilion lacquer and polishing out the unique spots,which become deeper and more vivid the more it is used."Souke Goto Bon" is the only specialty store in the Kagawa prefecture that inherits the tradition of Goto-lacquer for generations. In recent years,the company has been working on creating new products such as coffee cups and cutlery to meet modern needs.