At Shiseido, all employees are given souvenirs every year on April 8th anniversary. This year's souvenirs were produced at the Hounsal Sanbon, which combines Shiseido Parlor, a specialty store for Western confectionery, and a Japanese confectionery -type traditional craftsman, Yoshihiro Ichiki, a Japanese confectionery artist.


Beauty Innovations for A Better World.

Western and Orient, ART and Science, traditional crafts and the latest technology. We have created new values ​​by realizing relative value fusion from the beginning. When everything is combined in a well -balanced manner without colliding with each other, innovation may be born with harmony (harmony).

A space where everything coexists and harmonious. Sun, moon, morning and night, water and plant. . . The center arch implies the future like a door, and is performed in the center of "Harmony Camellia", which is a symbol of harmony Mobius. It is strange somewhere in symmetry. It seems to be possible, and it expresses a holistic world view by living and arrangement of something impossible.

Shiseido Creative Division

Creative DirectorTaisuke Kikuchi
Art Director Misaki Nagatake
Producer Shoko Takamine

2022 ⁄ 09 ⁄ 27