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Happy Halloween, enjoying a delicious look🎃
Halloween -specific HIYORI's Wasanbon has a Halloween -only gift set containing cute youkai jelly from the long -established Japanese confectionery maker Midori Confectionery in Osaka City in 1962.💀
Please take this opportunity👻

The youkai that have been popular in Japan for a long time is expressed in traditional jelly work. The craftsman is carefully made by hand, with all his heart. The raw material of jelly is a simple sweets made of sugar and water candy in agar.

Halloween Wasanbon
Cube: Plain & Lemon
Pumpkin and bat: Plain
Halloween Moon: Cranberry
Kakizato: Plain (Sanuki Wasanbon & Awa Wasanbon)
Sunset Berry: Cranberry
Youkai jelly
Amabie: Soda
Tengu: Strawberry
Karakai Kodo: Cola
Kappa: Kiwi


Halloween night gift set


2022 ⁄ 10 ⁄ 07
Tags: 限定商品