Wasanbon Stollen

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Stollen using "Sanuki Wasanbon Sugar" and "Wasanbon Moraces", a by -product that can be made during sugar sugar.
It will mature after more than 720 hours.
The richness of the Wasanbon Moraces is firmly coming out, and it has a gentle but deep taste. It also enhances the taste of dried fruits.Stollen, which has a deeper taste over the day, is one of the pleasures to eat at any time.Please enjoy it with your favorite drinks.

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◯ We will deliver it in a wrapped state.
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size Approximately 18cm x 8cm x 5cm (about 350g)
Internal capacity One
raw materials Flour (from Hokkaido), spelled wheat flour, butter (Hokkaido), muscat raisins, California, cranberry, orange, fig, apricot, lemon, pine, apple, walnut, almonds, macadamia nuts, milk, eggs, eggs, eggs. , Wasanbon Morace, Western liquor, yeast, spices, coffee, salt, vanilla beans
How to cut and open after opening

Stollen starts cutting from the middle.1cmIt can be delicious by cutting with a width.
After opening, attach the cutlet and the cut, wrap it firmly with wrap and avoid drying.Please keep it below 20 ° C.
If it is stored for more than a week, wrap it firmly in wrap, put it in a dusty bag such as a zip lock, and store it in the refrigerator.


◯ Until the Wako Bon Stollen is formed
From summer, eight kinds of dried fruits, such as pears, apple, and cranberries, are soaked in Western sake, mix and mix, and repeat them until winter.

The wheat of the fabric is used with Hokkaido "Kitano Kaori" and "Kita Honami", kneaded the Wasanbon Moraces, aged for 3 days, and then turned it into the dough.

When baked, go through the "scorching spoofter butter", leave it overnight, paint the "burning spots butter", and finally finish it with "Wasanbon Sugar".

The elegant flavor enhances the taste of dried fruits and other ingredients without claiming sweetness.