Coffee Sanbon flavor MIX Stand

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Flavored Wasanbon goes perfectly with black coffee in the shape of coffee beans.It is a large bag type containing three different flavors.

Wasanbon mixed with coffee and black cacao.The flavor of coffee and bitter chocolate is perfect match.
Wasanbon mixed with coffee and caramel.The flavor of caramel coffee is addictive.
Wasanbon mixed with coffee and ginger.The refreshing flavor of the ginger goes well with coffee.It is also good with hot milk.

Exterior: 12cm x 20cm x 4.5cm
Internal capacity 12 packets / 24 tablets
Specified raw material
Including milk formation in part
Raw materials

Wasanbon Sugar: Japan (Kagawa Prefecture), Coffee Powder: Colombia Tanzania, Cocoa Powder: Malaysian Caramel Powder: Japan, Ginger: China, India, Thailand

expiry date 3 months or more
Preservation method Please avoid high -temperature and humid places.
Please enjoy as soon as possible after opening.

How to enjoy
Tastes great eaten as is,or melted in the mouth while drinking coffee.Wasanbon has a gentle sweetness,so we recommend you to enjoy excellent melting and flavor in your mouth rather than putting it in coffee.