Japanese candle

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A Japanese candle made of rice bran has arrived from the shores of Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture. Cute bean candle size. With wax stand.

HIYORI original color candles color the tea time nicely.

"Setouchi" of different colorsHere



Care exterior: 6.2cm ×11.2cm x 2.5cm
Candles: H4.5cm (about 15 minutes of combustion time)
Wax stand:φ3.1cm x H2.2cm

Internal capacity

10 pieces


Rice bran wax


◯ About Japanese candle
The burning time of the bean candles is 15 minutes.
It is a Japanese candle used for Obon and the equinoctial week, but it is also recommended to enjoy tea time with the fluctuation of candles. We will create a good scene in the bath, yoga and bedside.

◯ Daiyo Japanese candle /Daiwaro
Daiyo's Japanese candle uses 100 % domestic and natural vegetable waxIt is carefully made by the hands of skilled craftsmen one by one.Not only is it a sustainable material, but it is a home size.It almost does not cause wax tears (wax dripping) or oil smoke. There is almost no smell.One of the features of Daiyo's Japanese candle is that it is friendly to the environment and people.