Order of a women's picture news

The sale of Bon Bon has started in the gifts of women's artificial gifts and online shops.
It is also used for the cover.
I hope you can enjoy your order in our Wasanbon.

-Accepting a women's picture news-

Order of a women's picture news. There is a thought in it.
It has a painful feeling that wants someone to be happy.

First of all, a producer who has a commitment and makes good ingredients and ingredients.
Craftsmen and cooks who make delicious food without spare time and time.
Meet those "making" people. And build relationships.
It's not at all, it's going to be continuous.
I think that feeling is a great meaning that we will work on.

And one more important thing.
It is to make more people enjoy the order.

For that reason, we enjoy choosing, waiting for waiting,
The crush when it arrived, the joy of eating, etc.
I'm thinking of telling more people to the order of order to more people.

If the order expands,
It leads to the happiness of those who make it. I think so.
Make someone you make and someone to eat.
If it helps a little,
There is nothing more happy for us.

Make me and someone happy.

2022 ⁄ 11 ⁄ 22
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